Music For Your Listening Pleasure.

With music being a driving force in your everyday activities whether it is driving home from work, to having that awesome party and backyard barbecue with your friends, DVJ Luna has made it easy to listen to his music work with the simple click of your mouse on your computer.

All you have to do is select the desired track and press the "play" button.

"DING!!! You are now free to move about the turntable."TM


Here are some of DVJ Luna's remixes and mix compilations.

These remixes all except "Sending Me The Signs" which is an original track by DVJ Luna have been inspired by hearing such tracks in original format and feeling the need to make them into a high energy beat pulsating track that would be enjoyed by all who know the original and who appreciates the musical artwork that goes into doing remixing.


The recording below , DJ Luna with Rick West Live at Club LUNA was recorded live at the studios of Club LUNA on Friday, January 20th, 2012.  Rick West was invited to spin a set as a guest DJ for the weekly show that was aired on Project Radio between the hours of 6 pm and 8 pm EST.  Rick West being a pioneer in the DJ industry, has played out in many different nightclubs and venues. Bringing a unique style to the dancefloor with his selection of Break Beat music including remixes and originals of his own, Rick West became a legend in the Break Beat Circuit in Florida.  Rick West leaves behind a legacy that will remain strong and will be revered by many who continues to play his music and mixes he produced.  This recording will be posted here to pay respects to a great DJ and a fellow friend to DVJ Luna for a limited time for you to listen and enjoy.  Enjoy the tunes.

The mixes below are all of the mix compilations currently available and are in print by DVJ Luna and can be found in various different music stores.  All of these mixes are recorded live except "The Rise" and "It's Break Time".