DJ Services.

With over two decades of experience, DVJ Luna can provide you with the necessary services your event calls for.  Whether you own/manage a night club, a club promoter, or an event coordinator, or just simply needing a DJ, DVJ Luna is able to provide  DJ services with his library of music he keeps fresh and up to date which keeps the dance floor of your venue or event fully energized.

DJ Services.

Nightclub DJ Services.

Needing a DJ/VJ for your nightclub?  DVJ Luna has what it takes to keep the main or even a side room (if there is multiple rooms in your club) dance floor full and your patrons to have a good time.

With over two decades of experience in DJ'ing,  DVJ Luna has spun in many of the well known clubs throughout the East Coast including some of the famous clubs of New York City and Miami.  Luna's resume' consist of playing at various clubs  and events in 38 of the 50 states including Hawaii including playing internationally in Mexico.


Mobile DJ & Wedding DJ Services.

Make your next event a memorable one when you hire DVJ Luna. Luna provides mobile DJ services and wedding DJ services for events throughout the entire state of Florida.

With the ability to provide music, sound, and lighting for a variety of local events, including birthdays, formal events, corporate events, and backyard parties, DVJ Luna has it all covered with all the necessary equipment to make your event a most memorable one to be talked about years to come.  Is power/electricity an issue?  DVJ Luna even has that covered!  DVJ Luna has the ability to provide a 15KW generator if your event doesn't have adequate power for DVJ Luna's needs.

DVJ Luna also boasts one of the finest quality mobile sound system in the industry which includes JBL speakers powered by QSC and/or Crown Amplifiers all properly calibrated by ASE DJ Certified Sound Technicians.  You can be assured when you book DVJ Luna's mobile DJ services you are going to get over two decades of experience in the mix and sonic clarity to ensure your music enjoyment at your event.


VJ or DVJ services.

Already have your entertainment in place for your event or venue?  What about the visual aspect of the event or venue?  Look no further!  DVJ Luna has your visual needs covered.  DVJ Luna can take your event or venue and add the visual aspect to the entertainment with flashy, entrancing, even mind blowing videos taking the entertainment to a new level.

Even with the ability to add visuals to the mix, DVJ Luna also has the ability to mix and synchronize music videos in full DJ format where you not only hear the music, but also see the video to the music perfectly matched to the rhythm of the music.


People Dancing - Nightclub DJ Services



People Dancing - Nightclub DJ Services




People Dancing - Nightclub DJ Services


If you want to book DVJ Luna for your night club or mobile DJ services, contact DVJ Luna for more details.